Saturday, January 18, 2014

We Are Not Desperate To Win The Premier League - Mourinho

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has said that his club is not desperate to win the Premier League title" this season, but they are more concerned with long term success.

Chelsea is in third place on the League tables this week, which is currently led by Arsenal.
"We are not desperate to win the title, I keep saying the same," he told reporters on Friday.
"We want to build a team for the future, find a transition between the Chelsea of the last decade and Chelsea of the next decade. But we will try to fight for the title until the end."
"Everyone's going to lose matches I believe.

"Let's see what is going to happen unless Man City (currently a point behind Arsenal in second place) win every game and kill everyone with 20 points difference."
"There's no reason for David Moye to be in trouble. He's very stable. He will have at least the time of his contract to build a team, to reach success, and to be there for many years. I don't think he needs sympathy. He has a fantastic job and no problems."
"No two seasons are the same. Some teams improve. Others don't.
"Some players have a phenomenal season one season, then injuries or don't perform the next. Some players have problems with managers or playing.
"Globally, our team is a better team. It improved not just in terms of what we do in the present, but especially in terms of what we're building to build the future.
"And I think, also, by the individual point of view, not all, many of them are improving a lot as players. So I think we're doing a fine job."

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