Monday, December 30, 2013

Boyfriend That Shot Pregnant Teen Charged With Murder As Baby Fights ToSurvive (PHOTOS)

Pregnant teenager Eva Casara, was tragically shot and killed on Christmas Day, and now her boyfriend is being charged with her murder.
According to the Chicago Tribune, 16-year-old Anthony Lee and his brother have been arrested and charged with shooting Eva after police believe it was a drug deal gone wrong. When the deal spiraled out of control, shots were fired, and unfortunately Eva was hit, police believing her death was unintentional.
Doctors were able to save her baby, but she is now fighting for her life, now weighing only one pound at 5 months old. 

Eva Casara baby
The family plans to name her Lailani Paris. Eva’s mother Estrellita Casara told WGNTV:
‘I love my grand baby she’s fighting, fighting so hard,’
She added:
‘Everywhere [Eva] goes, she just lights up the place. She’s as beautiful inside as she is outside.’
Eva’s body was found in an alleyway on Christmas Day at around 8 PM, but police think that she was moved there after the shooting took place.
Police are still looking for a third person that was involved with the murder. The site reports:
Authorities are obtaining an arrest warrant for a third suspect, Franklin said. Lee and Coakley are expected to appear in bond court Sunday.
SOURCE: Chicago Tribune | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ WGNTV

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