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Say Hello to free music for life
Say Hello to over 20 million local and international songs
Say Hello to Nigeria's 1st digital movie rental services 
Say Hello to SOLO

The newest and most revolutionary new device now known to most as SOLO, was launched in Lagos to a very loud applause at the the tail end of last month, that is Friday, November 22, 2013 to be more precise. 
SOLO is a revolutionary new device manufacturing and end-to-end digital content company committed to offering emerging market consumers both affordable, elegant smartphones and the best of local and international content. That is not all, they also offer users all the great features they have become accustomed to from using an android smartphone. Each SOLO device offers users FREE unlimited access to over 20 million local and international songs straight out of the box, via the in built SOLO music platform. 

The first 2 models launched by the company are, the SOLO S350 & S450. These are Google(GMS) certified dual-SIM Android smartphones. 

For a smartphone that is packed full with extraordinary features and that is expected to retail for less than N20,000, it is sure more than a bargain. 

It is an Android Jelly Bean 4.1 smartphone with a 3.5'' screen, dual SIM capabilities and 16 GB internal memory, coupled with an SD card with expandable memory of up to 32 GB. The phones come bundled with SOLO music. Their proprietary music platforms which offers, FREE unlimited streaming of over 20 million songs for the life of the device. The easy to use interface includes a SOLO music widget on the home page that enables easy access to SOLO music right out of the box. 

The device is GMS certified and offers full access to the Google Play store, including Blackberry Messenger(BBM).  In addition, SOLO S350 comes bundled with very generous FREE data services from their Nigerian mobile operator partners, completing the strong consumer experience. 

This is an Android Jelly Bean 4.2 smartphone, with a 4.5'' screen, dual SIM capabilities and 16 GB of internal memory, couple with an SD card that can be expanded to 32 GB. It has all the features of the S350 & much more. It was launched into the market with another first of its kind feature, the SOLO VIEW.  SOLO VIEW is a digital video-on-demand rental service, which allows users to (stream), download both Nigerian & International movies , TV shows and other general entertainment for up to 2 weeks on their mobile devices. SOLO VIEW content would be delivered through dedicated, super-fast SOLO HOTSPOT kiosks allowing full length movies to be downloaded in less than 3 minutes. The easy-to-use interface would include the SOLO MUSIC & SOLO VIEW on the home page that allows for easy access to the 2 features. 

This extraordinary device is set to retail for less than N30,000. 

SOLO S350 is already in the market, while the S450 would arrive in the market from December 20, 2013. 

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