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The Bermuda Triangle?!

The Bermuda Triangle (also known by the more sinister name of The Devils Triangle) is a triangularly shaped area in the Atlantic Ocean located between Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.

The Bermuda Triangle was first given its infamous name by the writer Vincent H. Gaddis in the year of 1964. Gaddis wrote a story in a magazine entitled "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle", a story drawing upon hundreds of years of seaman's tales and legends about the Devil's Triangle and the unexplainable vanishings of ships and planes that have occurred within its boundary.

Bermuda Triangle Specifics

The Bermuda Triangle has long been known as a place of inexplicable happenings. In the fifteenth century Christopher Columbus made an entry in his logbook regarding "A great ball of fire" that is said to have crashed into the ocean. He also stated that while this event was taking 
place his compass was going haywire and his crew was reported to have seen strange and spectacular lights in the sky above.
The Bermuda Triangle's notoriety grew over the years as a vast amount of odd incidents occurred inside its boundaries. One of the most famous is the disappearance of the entire crew of the ship The Mary Celeste in 1842.

Some of the incidents which gave The Bermuda Triangle its reputation for strange occurrences took place more recently. One famous case was Flight 19, which was part of the well-known film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". On December 5, 1945, five U.S. Navy planes known as "Torpedo Bombers" took off from Fort Lauderdale on a routine flight practice and were never seen again. A rescue crew of 22 men was sent out to look for the planes, only to vanish themselves without any trace.

The Bermuda Triangle has claimed many other ships as well, including the USS Cyclops, and the SS Marine Sulphur Queen, which vanished in calm waters with all of her crew of 39 men.

Strange Facts

There was absolutely no wreckage ever found of the ships and planes that vanished in the Triangle. There have been search teams put together consisting of the latest technology and specialized equipment but no remnants have ever been recovered.

It is also noted that those unfortunate people who vanish inside The Bermuda Triangle have never sent a distress call or taken part in any kind of SOS plan.

The Bermuda Triangle is proven to be one of only two places on earth where a magnetic compass does point towards true north. A pilot by the name of Carolyn Casico flew a charter flight to Turk Island. She was overheard on the aircraft radio saying this: “I don’t understand, this should be Grand Turk, the shape is right but this place looks uninhabited." She circled around the island a few times before heading out to sea. Carolyn Casico was never heard from again.

It has also been noted that before radio contact was severed with flight 19, all that could be heard was the pilots screaming, "FT.....FT" over and over again. FT is U.S. Air Force code that is printed on all Air Force craft to designate where the airplanes come from. (FT means Fort Lauderdale.)

Skeptic's Thoughts on the Bermuda Triangle

Many skeptics think that these strange happenings are results of inexperienced pilots and/or captains; others say they believe it might be freak weather such as storms, tidal waves etc., and others believe that the vanishings were not even in the Bermuda Triangle at all.

There is also the fact that methane gas might play a part in this phenomenon It is scientifically proven that methane eruptions can disrupt ships buoyancy, causing it to sink. These eruptions occur all over the Atlantic and produce vast areas of frothy water, sometimes even causing other floating objects to sink. This is also a reason a plane could go down over this area as methane gas lowers the density of the atmosphere. A plane's altimeter depends on air pressure and density to determine its height, so a plane's instruments will show the plane is climbing, even if it is actually descending. At night this could lead to deadly consequences.

Another point in the methane field bubble theory is that it can cause planes engines to shut off.

Freak tidal waves are said to happen around this area as well. These waves can reach upwards of 20 to 30 meters (100 feet) high and are capable of sinking large ships within a short span of time. Scientists have proven that, although rare in this area's current, it is possible they can happen due to the methane gas pockets and eruptions, sinking a ship at great speed and with little difficulty.


Could these strange goings-on have something to do with the government or aliens? Or is it merely an unexplained phenomenon? What about desertion? To our knowledge this is unknown but perhaps someone out there has the answers. 


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