Monday, December 23, 2013

WATCH: Partying with Miley Is Just as Scary as You Thought It Would Be

It's been such a short time since our dear Miley Cyrus turned 21, and most of you are probably just 

on pins and needles all the time, wanting desperately to know what it would be like to party with Miley. Is she a sort of a casual partier, does she just chill with friends and sip on some cocktails? Is she a friendly partier, chatting everybody up and making all kinds of new pals? Or is she the crazy partier, the one who refuses to ever shut her mouth and touches all up on everybody and annoys everyone to no end?

Miley posted a few videos on Instagram, and I think it's pretty safe to go with that last one: 

And also:

But don't forget:

Sorry for the extensive scarring you received from these videos, and sorry that you're never going to be able to see someone's tongue without collapsing in fear. But this is the world we live in. It's high time to face it.

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