Sunday, January 12, 2014

WOW! FC Barcelona - First Team With 50 MILLION Likes On Facebook

FC Barcelona has become the first team to teach 50 million Facebook fans (now even more), thus consolidating its position as the leading sports club.

Dídac Lee, the director responsible for new technologies, said:
"It is an honor and a responsibility to reach this figure, which is further proof that we are the most loved sports team in the world."
Facebook has recently become one of the most important instruments used by the club to keep its fans informed.

The regular publication of new content, including posts containing videos and photos, has kept users constantly up to date with what is happening at the club.
The foreign countries with the highest number of fans are Indonesia (4.7 million), Mexico (3.4 million) and Brazil (2.5 million).
The FC Barcelona page is now also one of the 30 most popular Facebook pages in the world. In 2013, FC Barcelona consolidated this position by gaining an additional 11 million fans.
The post at the end of the incredible comeback against AC Milan in the Champions League was the most 'liked' in the history of the fan-page, with half a million people clicking the button, 3.2 million people making comments and generating 10 million new fans of the page.
Not just on Facebook, but in the club's whole 2.0 presence, Barça gained 32 million new fans on social networks last year, which amounts to an incredible one new fan every second.
These figures are incredible and prove that FCB has already become a live legend in the football world.

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