Saturday, November 09, 2013

Brooke Mueller To Be Granted FULL Custody Of Boys By Xmas! CharlieSheen Is Furious!!!

brooke mueller denise richards charlie sheen kids taken custody
Look out!
Charlie Sheen is gonna blow!!!
That's because his ex Brooke Mueller is totally on the right path to gaining total custody her twins - Bob and Max - who were taken away from her months ago over her drug abuse problems!
Charlie Sheen has been freaking out recently since he is totally against his ex wife gaining custody of their children again, and had originally wanted Denise Richards to keep taking care of the boys.
But that option was recently removed from the table, and it seems like the boys really have no where else to go!
Unless Charlie wants to take care of them. Something he's never really talked about despite his criticisms against Brooke Mueller!
Since Brooke has apparently been completely clean since she's left rehab, the DCFS doesn't really have a valid reason why she shouldn't be granted custody of her children again. Something which many expect to happen real soon!
Here's what a source said:

“Brooke will be awarded custody of the boys by Christmas, as long as she doesn’t relapse. She has been sober for several months. She hasn’t had one dirty test. She has done everything that has been asked of her by DCFS, so at this point, there is absolutely no reason for Brooke not to get her boys back.”
Charlie is reportedly livid about this decision and on Tuesday night he went on a rant about the case workers.
He said:
“I am beyond their timid morality, therefore I am beyond caring [about any potential gag orders] … What my family and I [have been] forced to deal with in the last 4 years, lives outside the pale of any acceptable conduct or decency. I am battling an amorphous enemy that needs to be swiftly disempowered. These crimes against my children will be exposed. These war criminals will be hanged at dusk to a cheering and jeering crowd, gathered together in love in support of all children who are mercilessly discarded like garbage by CPS. Which by the way stands for ‘CAN”
Brooke Mueller, for her part, doesn't understand why Charlie Sheen is so against her getting back the kids!
Here's what a source said:
“She just wants her boys back and doesn’t understand why Charlie has gone on a tirade against her publicly. She isn’t a saint and doesn’t pretend to be, but neither is Charlie. He needs to take a very long look at himself in the mirror before spouting off at Brooke.”
We obviously can see why Charlie Sheen is upset about his boys - they have a lot of problems, and ideally Brooke should really focus on herself until she's in a good place before taking on MORE responsibility.
But since no one else wants to take care of the boys other than her - what other options are there?
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