Saturday, November 09, 2013

Rihanna Accomplishes Huge Milestone & Joins The Ranks Of Madonna,Whitney Houston & Elvis!

Rihanna happy dancing!!
Whoa!! RiRi going down in the record books!!
Rihanna has a HUGE milestone to celebrate today!! She's managed to snag her 25th Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 single which makes her tied with Elvis Presley!!
Not only that, but RiRi has beat our queen Madonna in the fact that she's another woman who has reached thismilestone in a quicker amount of time! It took Rihanna eight years and four months, while her Madgesty took eight years and seven months!
Congrats gurl!!!! These are MAJOR accomplishments!!!
Among Elvis and Madge, Rihanna joins the divaliciousMariah Carey, the AH-MAZING Whitney Houston, the iconic Beatles, and even Sir Elton John!!
Whoa!! That's quite a crew!
We wonder how RiRi will celebrate?
Drink out of a Christian Louboutin sippy cup? Smoke a fatone with Snoop? Go swimming and take more bikini pics?
We can't wait to see!!!

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