Thursday, November 07, 2013

Justin Bieber's Brazilian Bedside Videographer Revealed! Find Out Who She Is HERE!

justin bieber brazilian babe video

Hellooooo, Justin Bieber's little friend!

We revealed a super scandalous video to you about a girl who managed to videotape the Biebs as he slept in Brazil. After all the rumors about his visit to a brothel and partyingwith prostitutes, the Biebs got caught with a lady in his room and we can ONLY imagine what might have gone on in there.

And now we seem to have uncovered who this bedside bombshell is...Tati Neves!

Biebsy's Brazilian is apparently from Rio de Janeiro and quite the fan of taking sexalicious pics! And not to mention a lover of the selfies! Perhaps the Biebs has met his perfect match!

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