Saturday, November 09, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Lost Her Oscar?! - "I Don't Know Where It Is!"

jennifer lawrence crying
Everyone stop what you’re doing and helpJennifer Lawrence look for her Oscar! The Silver Linings Playbook best actress apparently has no idea where it is!
Check under your bed, between the couch cushions, or maybe just check Jessica Chastain’s house…
Yeah, that’s right. We saw you eyeing that trophy on Oscar night, Jess! Lolz!
JLaw admitted earlier this year that she sent her Academy Award to Kentucky to live on top of her momma’s piano. But the golden guy might now be M.I.A.!
Jen explained this week that she hasn’t a clue where it is now, saying:
"I don't know where it is. I think it might be in Kentucky. I hope it's in Kentucky. If not, it's gone. I don't have it.”
What the WHAT?!
That’s the most coveted award in Hollywood! Not some hunk o' junk that you just misplace!
Oh well. We hope she eventually finds it. But if not, maybe Jennifer will just have to win herself another one!

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