Saturday, November 09, 2013

Watch adorable tiger cubs take swimming lessons despite their fear ofwater

This is the heart-warming moment two Sumatran tiger cubs were dropped into the water for their swimming lesson. And they don't seem to like it very much.
Bandar and Sukacita, both born in August at Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC, US, had to pass the test on Wednesday before they could be put on exhibit.
Taking it in turns, the video shows zoo keepers carrying the somewhat scared-looking cubs out to the side of the water before literally throwing them in.
With roars of encouragement and laughter from the crowd, Bandar and Sukacita last just a few seconds before trying to clamber out the side.
But their heads remain above water the whole time, proving they are both able swimmers.
When Bandar eventually makes it on to dry land, he leaps for some nearby bushes to escape the dreaded water, forcing the keepers to run after him in a most comical fashion.

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