Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beyonce's Top 7 Sure-to-Become Iconic Looks From Her New Music Videos[SNAPSHOTS]

For the past two days, the BeyHive has been abuzz with its favorite topic -- Beyonce. The singer secretly recorded 14 new songs and 17 new music videos for her self-titled fifth studio album, and shocked fans, critics, the music industry, and even some of her close friends at midnight on Dec. 13 when she released the "visual album" on iTunes
Much of the album's critical acclaim surrounds her innovative use of the new music videos to accompany the new tracks, thus making listening and viewing a collective experience for fans to enjoy all at once. 
Each of Bey's new videos has its own distinctive looks, many of which are sure to become iconic in the music industry once fans get the chance to process this bombshell.
Us Weekly has rounded up seven of the pop diva's most memorable moments from her 17 new music videos: 

1. "Superpower" -- Beyonce struts around a post-apocalyptic world as a gritty revolutionary with thigh-high green boots, long, green-streaked hair, and plenty of under boob. She later slips on a cameo jacket, but her perfectly-toned abs and extra under cleavage will be the look that's remembered.  
Beyonce shows off some underboob in
Beyonce shows off some underboob in "Superpower."
Credit: Beyonce
2. "Mine" -- Modeled after Michelangelo's famous Pietà sculpture of the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus, Beyonce looks structured and still in this white and grey ensemble as dancers whisk around her. The video is definitely the most art-inspired of her new work. 
Beyonce as the Virgin Mary in
Beyonce as the Virgin Mary in "Mine."
Credit: Beyonce
3. "Blow" -- With its '70s disco flair, "Blow" is a funky good time at the roller rink. And though it features Beyonce riding up on a bike in a giant yellow fur coat and patchwork denim jeans, it's her neon, backlight look completely with pigtails and bright orange lipstick that's the most memorable.
Beyonce and her dancers wear neon ensembles in
Beyonce and her dancers wear neon ensembles in "Blow."
Credit: Beyonce
4. "Flawless" -- As Beyonce fist pumps for feminism, she proves that she can easily make buttoned up flannel sexy. The video features the diva surrounded by dancers in punk-inspired clothing as she pushes through a mosh pit of men to fight for women everywhere.
Beyonce dresses down in
Beyonce dresses down in "Flawless."
Credit: Beyonce
5. "Haunted" -- Beyonce could easily make a cameo on American Horror Story in this spooky video. With her flapper-inspired, waved blonde bob, she looks composed as she enters a house of terrors. Wearing a white fur coat with black spots, she'd make Cruella de Vil envious. And her perfectly polished red lips could easily have fans trying to figure out if it was CGI'd on. 
Beyonce gets chic in
Beyonce gets chic in "Haunted."
Credit: Beyonce
6. "Partition" -- As the perfect video vixen, Beyonce dances for her man in this sultry single. And though she has plenty of saucy looks, her most memorable happens on top of a piano when she wearing a cleavage-happy black one piece with a black lacy cover up. The cover up's high neckline makes her look like a sexy female Dracula or raunchy Disney villain (Evil Queen, anyone?).
Beyonce dresses up in a sexy outfit in
Beyonce dresses up in a sexy outfit in "Partition."
Credit: Beyonce
7. "Blue" -- For the majority of this video, Beyonce is seen looking au natural while cradling her daughter Blue Ivy. But in one scene, she wears a bejeweled bikini with a giant crown and feather headdress. Just another day at the beach for Beyonce.
Beyonce dances on the beach in a giant headdress in
Beyonce dances on the beach in a giant headdress in "Blue."
Credit: Beyonce
Tell Us: What were your favorite Beyonce looks?

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