Saturday, December 21, 2013

No Wonder Demi Lovato is Quitting "The X Factor"

Last night was the season finale of "The X Factor," which is cool and all, but we're not going to talk about most of the show, or the winner or anything. No, instead we're going to talk about the really insensitive, really idiotic thing that the show did to its brightest star, Demi Lovato. Because it was awful. Seriously, don't watch this clip unless you want to feel a little bit of rage.

The whole clip is about how Demi and Simon Cowell have their fun little feud, and that's fine, but they set it up like their bickering is because of "what she's been drinking at the judges' desk." Guys, it's Annoying Juice! They show clips of Demi getting on Simon's nerves cut with clips of her drinking some green drink. And apparently no one at "X Factor," not the people who came up with the stupid idea, or the people who made the video, or even poor Mario Lopez who introduced the video, thought that maybe the clip was a little unnecessary, considering that Demi has had a drinking problem and is very open and passionate about her sobriety.

What makes this clip even more awkward though is Demi's reaction. Because guys, she is straight up pissed. They show her reaction in a little box at the bottom, and you can just see the buildup. At one point, you can actually see her say "that's so f---ed up." And it is. It really, really is.

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