Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Taylor Swift Declares WAR On Beyoncé... See Details Here!

Taylor Swift at AMAs

: Recent news shows that Target is refusing to carry the physical copy of Beyoncé's new album. Let's try and analyze to see why exactly that is.
Since as far back as 2009 there has been a mounting tension between Beyonce and Taylor Swift, which started after the Kanye's comments at the VMAs. For the past 5 years, Taylor Swift has essentially been considered "White America's" sweetheart claiming nearly every award. She's also been the highest selling songstress in recent years, beating out artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and even Rihanna.

So in essence, Taylor Swift IS BEYONCE'S BIGGEST COMPETITION. That being said, we all know Beyonce is the Queen and can throw shade with the best of them.
As a direct blow, but definitely unnoticed by mainstream media, Beyonce released her album ON Taylor Swifts birthday at 12am EST. (Taylor was born on December 13th).
Since the release of her album, Beyonce has gone on to shatter an iTunes record in US sales selling 828,773 copies in just 3 days. This record was previously held by Taylor Swift at 617k sold in 3 days.
Now on to Target. Taylor Swifts last album "Red" got a exclusivity contract with Target. Target was the only corporation to carry the Deluxe edition of "Red" and a campaign was launched to promote her album through the retail giant via TV commercials.
According to some MTO industry insiders, Taylor Swift took it very personally that Beyonce released an album on her birthday and in the manner that it was done. She felt like it was a slight. So we're told that Taylor's people got involved and reportedly PUT PRESSURE on Target not to carry Bey's album. Bey's album is set to be released in PHYSICAL FORM later this week.
And it looks like it worked. Yesterday, Target released a public statement stating that they will NOT be carrying Beyonce's album. The company's "official" reason for the SNUB is they claim that Bey released the album digitally before it was released physically, and so they won't carry it. Target's reasoning seems off - given that Jay Z released his last album Magna Carta-Holy Grail DIGITALLY EARLY (via the Samsung deal), and they still carried HIS ALBUM in physical form at Target (See Here).
So Taylor got the FIRST ROUND . . . now Bey . . . it's your turn to HIT BACK . . .
Source: MTO

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