Wednesday, December 18, 2013

“I will kill myself in front of everyone if I’m found guilty ofmatch-fixing” – Gattuso

Gattuso Milan

Former Rangers star Rino Gattuso put his life on the line against accusations of match fixing by declaring that he would kill himself in the street if found guilty.
Italian prosecutors named the World Cup-winning midfielder as part of a wide-ranging investigation on Tuesday, providing evidence that the ex-AC Milan star had been contacted by a go-between working on behalf of a match-rigging gang.

But the combative Gattuso came out fighting, declaring: ‘I am prepared to go into the town square and kill myself in front of everyone if I should be found guilty of such a crime.
‘After all, my life would be meaningless from that point on. I would not have the courage to look anyone in the eye. I say that from the heart.
‘In my life, I have never sat down with anyone to fix games, nor have I ever thought to, as I wouldn’t even know where to start.
‘I don’t even play five-a-side football with my friends because I can’t stand losing. This matter is absurd and unbelievable. I don’t know what they want from me. I don’t know what match-fixing is.
‘I am angry and offended. I do not want to have this stain on my career and my character.’

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