Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lindsay Lohan's Teenage Post-Rehab Pals Think SHE'S Childish!?

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Looks like this youngster crew is ready to ding, dong, ditch this immature friendship!
Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been hanging with a group of teenagers since her stint in rehab---which is totes weird in itself because the actress is 27!
But now, the rather "mature" rich kid crew is saying they're tired of LiLo's
drama, especially involving her former flame, 18-year-old male model Morgan O’Connor!
One insider revealed:
“Morgan was staying at the Dream Downtown, and Lindsay showed up and found out which room he was in. She knocked on his door, came in and started bitching Morgan out. She was ordering all the girls to leave, telling one that her Balmain jeans were fake. She said she wouldn’t leave till they all left. These kids are 18.”
The source continued:

“It’s childish stuff. She’s chronically distraught. Every time she comes around, she causes problems. Morgan’s modeling, he’s going to the gym, working for charities — he’s got stuff to do. He doesn’t want to be around Lindsay or her behavior.”
Neither Lindz or Morgan's rep were available for comment---but this entire thing is just a crazy messy!
When will she learn to stay away from the drama???
Perhaps the ending of these friendships will be extremelyhelpful in her healing...
Endlessly rooting for this girl!

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