Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kris Jenner Can't Stop Running Her Mouth About Khloe Kardashian RightNow

As we all know by now, Khloe Kardashian has filed for divorce from Lamar Odom, and it's a really hard time for her. So Kris Jenner, as her mother, is probably taking some time to be with her and help her through this all, right? Well, maybe, but goodness knows she's got to run her mouth to all kinds of media outlets about the situation first!

Kris kicked things off by talking about the divorce, and guys, she really had a lot to say:

"Khloé really is so great. She's strong and…the good news is that she's busy and you know, keeps her real busy. But she's good. She's got such a big heart but she also is very sensitive. She's got that tougher exterior and sensitive inside, but she's good. She's got all of us all around her and I'll see her later, and yeah, she's good. I was with her yesterday and she's a gift. She's one of my biggest blessings. I think that when you have a tough decision to make and you finally make it, it's always a 

relief to come through that process, but it is a process. So we'll see."

And then she had to run around again and open her mouth a second time, just to make sure that everyone heard about it:

"What Khloé is going through is definitely challenging, I’m not going to lie. It’s also a very interesting time for her because it’s very cleansing. She’s also showed this side of her that I didn’t know she had. I always knew Khloé was strong, but I never dreamed that she had this kind of strength. It’s definitely life lessons that she will be able to apply and use later in her life. She’s learned a lot from this situation. I still love Lamar and I love Khloé, and I hate, hate they’re going through this. But if it’s something that Khloé feels she needs to do, then I’m 150 percent behind her. We all lean on each other, we have to."

Hey, here's a thought, Kris: why don't you just not do this? How about, just this once, you don't tell the public all about your family's business? No, I know, it's a wacky idea, but now is as good a time as any to give it a whirl. Or, all right, how about if Khloe decides that she wants to talk about this thing that's happening inher life, she can, but you just hush about it? Could we try that, maybe?

Meanwhile, Khloe, we'll be thinking about you. For the divorce, of course, but also, you know, all this.

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