Friday, December 20, 2013

CONTROVERSIAL LETTER: "Obasanjo Is Confused, Frustrated & Angry" -Edwin Clark

Former information minister, Chief Edwin Clark, has urged President Goodluck Jonathan to reply former president Olusegun Obasanjo's letter to satisfy Nigerians.

Clark regarded as President Jonathan's political godfather, said in London yesterday that he should respond to the letter not because of Obasanjo, but because of the fundamental issues raised therein.
Describing Obasanjo as a "confused, frustrated and angry man", Chief Clark said the former president believes he would sit in Ota and rule Nigeria, dictating to Aso Rock.
"That is the message. Obasanjo always wants to remain relevant. He does not want anybody to be above him", he said, alleging that the former president got whatever he wanted from Jonathan but is still not satisfied.

"All appointments of the west came from him. His family members, whatever he wanted, he got", lamenting that the former president is well known for his habit of undue criticism and character assassination against past Nigerian leaders.
Chief Clark further alleged that having failed to get a third term or remain in office indefinitely, Obasanjo was prepared to do anything to forestall the inauguration of late President Yar'Adua and Jonathan as vice-president".
"He has never been happy. He wants to be known everywhere. He wants to be the man around. He wants to be the Mandela of Nigeria but hasn't got the qualities of Mandela", he said.
On allegations of corruption against the Jonathan government, Chief Clark said no one is more corrupt that Obasanjo, pointing out that when he was released from prison, he had only N20,000 but is now worth billions of Naira.
"Obasanjo is the reason why why Jonathan is being accused of not doing enough to eradicate corruption. He does not want to disgrace him. Otherwise Obasanjo is very, very corrupt. Everybody knows that", he said.
On the allegation that the presidency is training snipers against Jonathan's political enemies in 2015, Clark said Obasanjo was telling lies because the president made it clear to all that he did not want any one killed because of his election in 2011.
He urged security agencies to investigate the allegations and if found to be true, necessary action should be taken because nobody is above the law. He advised President Jonathan to remain firm and stand tall as the president of Nigeria, and follow his policies.

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