Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rihanna, Drake tip Jhonni Blaze $100,000 for sexy lapdance,Stripper DENIES explicit threesome

Drake And Rihanna Break Up Over Jhonni Blaze Tattoo?
Drake and Rihanna's personal Houston stripper, Jhonni Blaze finally spoke out about exciting night dancing with the celebrities and denies rumors of leaving the club with them for a threesome.
The couple went to V Live to enjoy a night of dollar bills and drinks after Rihanna's concert where they allegedly blew $100,000 on lap dances and strippers.
Blaze who claims to be the Queen of Houston tweeted, "Y'all know I'm very honest far from a groupie but rihanna n drake didn't take me home they just showed love at vlive."
Blaze;s follower  @JasmineLaJuicy  tweeted about thr amo9unt spent on her that night writing, "mz blaze made it blaze last nite 100 rakz damn bitches cant even make that in a year dats why they stay mad LMAO love dis girl."
According to Hollywoodlife, Rihanna and Drake have not confirmed a relationship, however, sources say that they are getting intense and partying together is something they share in common, "You've got to remember, Rihanna has done a lot of growing and Drake's a real [guy] so there's not really any expectations that come with what they did," the source explained. "They're both adults and can compartmentalize things."

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