Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beyonce Wants To Have More Kids With Jay Z, Despite Marriage Drama

Bey and Jay fans, rest easy! A report on Nov. 13 claimed that the hip-hop king and queen were headed for a separation, but a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that it’s just the opposite. In fact, the family may be getting bigger soon!

With Beyonce and Jay Z‘s grueling tour and recording schedules, who can blame them for hitting a rut in their marriage every once in awhile? The important thing is that they fight through the speed bumps, and it sounds like their doing just that, as a source tells exclusively that despite all the drama, Beyonce is seriously considering adding another little one to the family!

Beyonce & Jay Z: Trying To Have Another Baby?

“They are not separating,” the source strongly states, debunking a recent report by Star magazine claiming Beyonce and Jay Z were heading for a split. 
And what better proof of the couple’s commitment to each other than baby plans? “Beyonce actually wants to add to the family,” the source reinforces. The couple’s daughter Blue Ivy is already such a unifying force for them; having another child would really elevate their relationship.
And you know Beyonce and Jay Z wouldn’t think about having another child if they weren’t dedicated to sticking together.

Beyonce: Why She’s Really ‘Upset’ With Jay Z

The aforementioned report that claimed the two were on “shaky ground” and considering a trial separation was just the result of the inevitable fatigue and drama a couple like Jay Z and Beyonce — two extremely busy megastars — has to face, the same source revealed to exclusively.
“She is upset with him, but it is the stress from her tour that is really making her go a little off the rails,” the source said. “It’s nothing that any other relationship doesn’t go through.”
Thank god, because we really don’t think Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are ready to inherit the hip-hop throne just yet. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Bey and Jay have another kid? Let us know!

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