Friday, November 15, 2013

Jordin Sparks Isn't A Fan Of Surprises...But There'll Be OneFrom Jason Derulo That She's Sure To LOVE!!!

Jordin Sparks no surprises except one which will come from her boyfriend Jason Derulo!
Gurrrrrrl, you best prepare yourself for the surprise of your lifetime!!
We recently reported that super cute singer Jason Derulo is TOTES close to popping the question to his adorbsies girlfriend Jordin Sparks and we're SO excited for this to happen!
But what's Jordin think of Jason wanting to put a ring on it?? WELL, we talked to her EXCLUSIVELY about her BF's plans and whether or not she wants it to be a surprise!
Jordin told us:
"Let’s put it this way… I like to know what’s going on, I like to be prepared. You know, I love to know what’s on the schedule tomorrow. I don’t want somebody throwing a wrench in the system and making things kind of crazy."
Totally understandable! But if it's a proposal, the element of surprise is like, almost always needed!
Jordin elaborated:

"But at the same time, with this particular thing, I don’t wanna know! I don’t wanna know anything! I don’t want to know if it’s soon, I don’t wanna know if it’s later… I am just like, "don’t tell me! I don’t want to know!"
I don’t think he would tell me, anyway, and if he would tell someone, he wouldn’t tell me. But I’m okay with being surprised at this point, if it’s going to happen. If it happens tomorrow, I’d be surprised, if it happens in a couple of months, I’d be surprised as well!"
Sounds like gurlfriend is ready for it!
But with a song like Marry Me, was Jordin really THAT surprised a ring is probably coming?
She said:
"We did set ourselves up for this, with his song, but we’re definitely not in any rush! We’re so happy being together and just doing what we’re doing now. We’re able to travel and he’s working so hard — right now, he’s in Dubai and I’m sitting here at my dad’s house in New York, chillin’— but things are really, really good and we’re definitely on the trajectory to go that way.
We just want to make sure that the time is right and Jason and I have had our own conversation about everything and we’re good, so we just have to make sure everyone else knows that we’re good!"
We can't wait to see how and when it all happens!!!!
[Image via Andres Otero/WENN.]

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