Friday, November 15, 2013

Miley Cyrus Tried To Seduce Lamar Odom With Drugs?!

miley cyrus lamar odom drug tempting
We know HIGHley Miley Cyrus likes her molly and ganj, but supposedly there's not much fun in indulging all alone!
Reports have surfaced claiming Miley tried to get strugglingdrug addict Lamar Odom to toke up and hang out with her at Beacher's Madhouse in El Lay, but thankfully Lamar declined!!!
A source revealed:
"She invited him to come smoke and hang out with her. Lamar didn’t want to be next to Miley and for rumors to fly.”

He might be going through some tough times, but we know Lamar is no dummy — and obviously hanging out with a babe who likes to light up in front of an international audience wouldn't be the smartest of moves.
However, we're not so sure Lamar was even given the opportunity to practice impulse control against the pixie-cutstoner.
We can't necessarily imagine Miley twerking in the same room at the b-baller.
Are we right or are we right??!
Either way, we'd like to imagine Lamar is recovering from his steep downward spiral no matter WHO tries to tempt him!
[Image via MTV/WENN.]

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