Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beyoncé Tries (But Fails) To Go Incognito In A Ski Mask, Á La JustinBieber & Kanye West!

beyonce louis vuitton ski mask
Ski masks are totes trending this year; all the hottest celebs are wearing them!
Kanye West made a bold fashion statement by wearing a red one to the Paris Maison Martin Margiela show early this year, Justin Bieber flaunted his Chanel one on Instagram in the spring, and heck, even model Cara Delevingne has been seen in one!!
Now Beyoncé's wearing one by Louis Vuitton!
According to rumors, Queen Bey was on the set of her Bow Down music vid in El Lay on Wednesday, when she was seen stealthily sneaking around in the black headpiece that displayed nothing but that FIERCE Bey stare, made up with dramatic dark cateyes.
Meow to that, you seksi feline!!
Wonder who will don the cold weather couture next, LOLz!
[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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