Friday, November 15, 2013

Justin Bieber Is Being Pimped Out? Sinead O'Connor Thinks So!

justin bieber sinead oconnor sex music industry
Sinead O'Connor has had some pretty strong things to say to Miley Cyrus over the past few weeks.
But really it's nothing personal.
Sinead thinks that the "vampires and pimps" who run the music industry are exploiting the sexuality of everyone - even young men likeJustin Bieber! She says:

"The sounds of the records and the videos and how artists look has all been taken over by the industry. In a way, music's all been silenced. That's why I feel strongly about the oversexualizing of young women. As long as you're visually distracted, you're not really listening.

Male artists too. Justin Bieber, he's being sold on his sexuality, but he's too young to even understand what's going on."

We appreciate that Sinead seems to have some protective, maternal instincts toward these young artists, but we're pretty sure she just called the Biebs dumb!
Something tells us the shirtless one has a pretty good idea of his sex symbol status.
The question is, is the music industry using Miley and Justin? Or are THEY working IT?

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