Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kim Kardashian Regrets Not Selling New North West Pics For $1 Million

Kim Kardashian Million Dollar North West Pics

Kim didn’t receive a dime for sharing her latest photos of her daughter, but she could have earned upwards of a million bucks if she sold them! While Kim and Kanye have made a point to not monetize their baby’s snaps, Kim now realizes the money could have gone to charity.
Kim Kardashian excitedly shared a new batch of adorable snaps of her 5-month-old daughter North West on her Instagram page, just like any other mom! But for someone as high-profile as Kim, those pictures could have garnered quite the hefty price tag — and momager Kris Jenner is not so happy that Kim missed a potential business opportunity.
Kim could have made “an estimated million dollars,” on the sale of North’s latest snaps, news which was broken on‘s VH1 show, The Gossip Table. “They could have given the money to charity, and this has finally resonated with Kim — she gets it.”
Kim now “feels a little stupid that she didn’t do that, but she was enjoying being a mother,” by taking and immediately sharing the pictures on her Instagram page, but now she “realizes that this could have been a better business opportunity,”
Kim got caught up in the moment of sharing pics of her beautiful daughter, and Kris is not so happy that Kim released the photos without collecting a cent — regardless of where the money would eventually end up.
Kim and Kanye decided not to sell Nori’s very first photos — but each new release of pics comes with a new potential business opportunity. Kanye wants to be in control of how people see pictures of his daughter — so the parents are happily sharing the photos on their own terms. Kris understands — as she’s a mother herself — but she also has to be a savvy manager!

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