Friday, November 15, 2013

Mark Wahlberg Meant No Disrespect To Tom Cruise- But Still Thinks HeWas Out Of Line!

mark wahlberg tom cruise acting military comments no disrespect
Mark Wahlberg recently SLAMMED Tom Cruise- and he didn't even know it!
The Lone Survivor star recently responded to the idea of actors comparing their work to military service with a resounding verbal bitch slap.
But later on, when someone told him the comparison was allegedly made by Tom in his legal deposition, Mark made sure to show his peer deference- though he didn't back off from his comments either! He said:

"I didn't know it was Tom Cruise that said that. Someone just mentioned that people were comparing that. I love Tom Cruise, he's a great actor. I have the utmost respect for Tom Cruise. But I have the utmost respect for military guys, so it's just unfair for anybody to comment on that."
He also added, "Say hi to Tom's mother for me."
OK, we made that part up. What's clear is that Mark did NOT mean to diss the man who was Born On The Fourth Of July.
But we respect Mark for sticking to his guns no matter how big a fan he is.

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