Saturday, November 16, 2013

Simon Cowell's Baby Bump Mama Lauren Silverman's Divorce Settlement HasMASSIVE Fine If The X Factor Judge Goes Near Her Son!

simon cowells baby mama lauren silvermans divorce settlement has massive fine if the emx factorem judge goes near her son
Stay away!
That is what Simon Cowell will have to do in order for the mother of his unborn child not to have to pay FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!
But whom does Simon have to stay away from for Lauren Silverman not to have to pay that penalty?
Her 7-year-old son!!!
There is also a clause in the divorce settlement that if Lauren doesn't heed the Simon-has-to-stay-away rule THREE times - then she loses ALL contact with her son Adam!
Wow! That seems kray-kray!
However this rule will only last until January 2015. After that the X Factor judge can hang out with her son as much as he wants.

Lauren's ex Andrew Silverman also is not allowed to talk shizz about Simon Cowell to their son, and also has to make sure no one around their son talks bad bananas about Simon.
We guess there are no limits of control to this family!
Even the son Adam has to follow a rule where he can't call anyone other than his biological mother and biological father "mommy" or "daddy".
This doesn't sound complicated at all!!!!
Lauren Silverman & Andrew Silverman have also changed the cause for their divorce from adultery to "broken down irretrievably", and Andrew will be paying his former wifey $3,000 per month.
Which opens the door for Simon Cowell to become the new provider for the mother of his future son!
We just hope he's ready!!!
[Image via Winston Burris/WENN.]

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