Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kris Jenner single! Talks Bruce Jenner sex change rumors, KendallJenner 'dating' Harry Styles, Khloe Kardashian divorce, etc

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner opened up about some of crazy rumors surrounding her Kardashian family on a recent episode of "The Today Show." For example - ex Bruce Jenner is NOT getting a sex change, Khloe's taking her divorce from Lamar Odom very hard, and it's likely that Kim K will take fiance Kanye West's last name. Read on for some more juicy details!
Kris and Bruce Jenner split a few months ago, but they're still keeping things cordial. They're not even getting a divorce - in fact, Ms. Jenner still wears her ring. And the "KUWTK" momager has nothing bad to say about her Olympian ex. She even laughs off those sex change operation rumors - it's definitely not happening. "That is a story that they keep regurgitating from the '70s... It's so old." she explains.
As for KimYe - things couldn't be better. Yeezy is a great dad who spends a lot of time with baby North. He even sings to her while she smiles and giggles... how cute! Although Kardashian is practically a household name, Kim will probably deem herself Mrs. West after the nuptials, considering it's the traditional thing to do.
Oh - and Kim NEVER waxed her daughter's eyebrows... such rumors are just crazy.
"These kinds of things are so ridiculous... what I try to do is give the American public a lot more credit for some of this stuff that's written that who's [really] going to believe."
Which is why she insists true fans should watch "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" - to see what's really going on in the fam's crazy world. They're currently filming season 9 (which premieres later this month).
As for Khloe's separation from hubby Lamar Odom - "It's been a hard time for Khloe. It's hard to watch your baby go through something tough." But she's keeping strong.
Oh, and what about youngster Kendall dating One Direction cutie Harry Styles? Jenner says "I wouldn't buy a dress just yet..." Great answer. "I don't know, they're friends!" Ha.
But Jenner, she's not dating right now. (sorry Ben Flajnik)!

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