Monday, January 06, 2014

Miracle Twins Born In Separate Years Will Now Get Separate B/dayParties!

Twins born in separate years will get separate parties according to their mom!
Being a twin must be tough sometimes, always having to share things… like a birthdate!
But, this isn't the case for Veronica Reed's baby twin girls,Hannah Grace and Danielle Lyn!
She had the girls via C-section, and one was delivered at December 31st while the other came out on January 1st, after midnight!!! But, the fact that they came out healthy was a miracle in itself because after they underwent an in utero procedure in August, it was discovered that one of the babies was sucking out the life-sustaining nutrients from the other twin! Oh noes!
Luckily, they had a fighting chance and are now doing well. Veronica said:
"They won't have to celebrate birthdays together. They endured enough just to get here, and have been through enough complications already that they deserve to have their own parties."

What a super unique situation!
So each child will have their own birthday to celebrate!
They had to share a cramped womb for 9 months, we bet it'll be nice to not have to share the same birthday.
Veronica isn't the only mom with twins born in separate years…
In Washington, D.C., Yaleni Santos Tohalino gave birth to a baby girl in 2013 and a baby boy in 2014.
While in Toronto, Lindsay Salgueiro gave birth to twin girls, one in 2013 and the other in 2014.
Congrats to all the new mommas and their cute twinsies!!
[Image via Veronica Reed.]

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