Monday, January 06, 2014

Steven Seagal Considers Running For Governor

Steven Seagal
Movie tough guy Steven Seagal is reportedly considering a run for office in Arizona.
The "Above The Law" star says he discussed the idea of running for governor with notorious Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a joke, saying he "would remotely consider it," but his current commitments are more important.

Seagal told Arizona's ABC affiliate KNXV that he feels the biggest problem facing the U.S. right now is illegal immigration during an interview to promote his Reelz channel reality series, "Steven Seagal - Lawman" Maricopa County."

"Believe it or not, I think it's open borders," Seagal said. "I don't think that our biggest problem... [is] Islamic terrorism in America.

"I think that across these borders any kind of terrorism can come -- and does come -- and I think this is a tremendous oversite by the current administration."

Seagal is one of the 3,000-strong "posse" of unpaid lawmen that assist Arpaio, who is often scrutinized for his views on crime and punishment in Arizona. He's also been called a racist over his pursuit of illegal immigrants.

"When somebody asks if Joe Arpaio's a racist, I’m not going to say 'I don’t think so,'" Seagal said. "I’m going to say I know he’s not a racist. He doesn’t care what nationality you are. He cares if you’re a criminal."

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