Saturday, November 30, 2013

Salivating Over 16-Year-Old Kylie Jenner’s Breasts


HollywoodLife wants to know if 16-year-old Kylie Jenner has the “sexiest cleavage” of her famous family.
The webloid, which has embarrassed itself with frequently sloppy coverage of the Kardashians, is now openly leering at underage girls instead of actually reporting news.
“Kardashian Competition: Which Sister Has The Sexiest Cleavage?” asks the site, accompanied by an article (written by an adult man) and photos of the various siblings — including the one at right, which Kylie Jenner took at 15.

HollywoodLife declares, “Enough clowning around, it’s time to make a decision. The three Kardashians —KourtneyKim, and Khloe — and their Jenner half-sisters — Kendall and Kylie — all proudly and consistently flaunt their ample cleavage, but which sister do you think has the sexiest curves?”
A very important question for our times.
Of course, creepy HollywoodLife was counting down the days until Kendall turned 18, so we shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s now salivating over her little sister’s breasts.
After debating the merits of the four older siblings’ cleavage, the site states, “At 16, Kylie is starting young, but she’s definitely shown promise. With selfie shots like the ones from her Grecian vacation or the one of her in a sheer white top that showed off amble amounts of cleavage, it’s clear Kylie is taking after her older sisters. And pulling it off quite well.”
How unsettling.
We know the Kardashians and Jenners put themselves in front of the camera, live in the spotlight, and are not afraid to show skin.
And Kylie posted the shot above of her own free will.
But there’s still something a little sleazy about putting a 15-year-old’s cleavage in a sexy “competition” with her adult sisters.
Just because Jenner put up vacation shots last summer in which she’s wearing a bikini, outlets should probably avoid asking whether her curves are the “sexiest.”
It just seems… icky.
What do you think?

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