Saturday, November 30, 2013

John Dumelo alerts fans.. Beware of imposters using my identity

Fraudsters use whatever means possible to deceive and defraud people.
They are very cunning, highly deceptive, and will lure you into their den to make the maximum damage possible. The target is usually to get money from you and the current person they have been using his identity to achieve that is John Dumelo. They have gone to the extent of creating a fake John Dumelo passport and using it as confirmation of his identity to achieve their means.
When John got wind of it, he quickly sent out this message for fans:

“Please be advised there are importers online posing to be me and asking for money through western union to support my foundation and also telling ladies they love them and will marry them. I’m not in Nigeria and I don’t have a Nigerian number! This is really getting out of hand. Don’t send any money.
They usually ask for money and tell u to send it to Nigeria using someone else’s name. They will say it’s my manager or personal assistants name. I don’t have a manger in Nigeria and I don’t have a personal assistant in Nigeria.
The scammers are not only in Nigeria. They operate from Ghana and other African countries. They will usually say send money for the John Dumelo charity or a relative is sick and needs money for hospital. Don’t send any money.”
So we entreat all our readers to take extra caution and be extra vigilant. Your safety is our concern.

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