Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nollywood's Nonso Diobi look alike defrauds fans (BEWARE)

Nonso Diobi look alike defrauds fans (BEWARE)

We are all said to have a twin of our own somewhere around the world.
A lot of people don’t get the chance to meet the other person who has the same resemblance but others fortunately do.
There is another man who has a very close resemblance with Nonso Diobi. Unfortunately, he seems to be using his profile to attempt seeking favors from unsuspecting fans.
Yesterday, he sent out a message seeking money from unsuspecting fans and provided an account number for the money to be deposited into:

“Good morning, this is the time to show your love for me. My siblings and I are seeking for your sincere donation today for my mum’s heart surgery.
Account number: 601798967
Name: Ewulum Chimezie
Fidelity Bank.”
That was the information he has been providing some fans and unfortunately they have been responding to him as well unknowingly. He is fake so don’t respond to any such messages or social media profile that is seeking your money.

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