Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Give Thanks & Gobbles In Miami With BabyNori!!

kim kardashian kanye west north thanksgiving 2013
Gather 'round, children.
It's time for a very Kimye Thanksgiving!!
Following Kanye West's week of controversial press -- from his jaw-dropping remarks on Obama to his unleashed tiradeof madness on Sway -- the self-proclaimed god took a break from business and sat down with his famous family to give thanks.
He and wifey-to-be Kim Kardashian spent the holiday in Miami, where his Yeezus tour had placed them this Thursday, and they celebrated with baby Nori and friends.
Even though she was ordered to remove her topless Bound 2video from YouTube, our regal Queen of the reality realm continued to express herself via social media, regaling in all that she's grateful for by writing:

"I am extra thankful this year for my baby girl and am so happy I get to spend this Thanksgiving as a family with my daughter and fiance. I wish you all a good healthy happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours...Don't eat too much."
Too late! Ha!
Kimmy also uploaded the photo above with the following caption:
"Being away from home for the holidays is hard but I'm so thankful for family & friends like this!"
Awww! We bet it was actually pretty nice doing something new for a change.
And it must feel so great knowing you're in a relationshipthat's improving the culture of America!
Kontroversy or not, there's a new Kanye album in the future. And that's something we can all be thankful for -- including the future college that Nori chooses to attend!
Happy Thanksgiving, Kimye. And to all a good night!!

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