Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kanye West Thinks Relationship With Kim Kardashian Is Making America ABetter Place!

kanye west radio interview kim kardashian interracial relationships changing the world
Since Kimmy K's uncoveredcurves took the world by storm in Yeezy's latest video, their high profile relationship has been on the tip of everyone's tongue!!
Even Kanye West himself seems Bound 2 talking about it!
(See what we did there? Uh-huh, honey!)
The ridiculously popular rapper dropped by Washington D.C. radiostation 95.5 WPGC and praised Kim Kardashian and her entire family's positive influence on the world around them!
And he thinks their tendency to date people of other ethnicities is one of the biggest reasons why!!!
Kanye revealed:

“A lot of what the Kardashians do, I don’t think they get enough credit for what they do. They prep America to accept interracial relationships. I’m not talking about me, I can hop on a plane. I can date a white woman, I can date a black woman, and no matter what they say in the barber shop don’t matter, because I don’t get my haircut there.”
Wait, where does he go to cut his hair?
Kanye continued:
“For the people that do, though, there’s a white woman that’s getting talked down to by her friends because she’s dating a black guy. Now you’ve got a point of reference, that you can say, ‘Well, actually this couple right here, that’s dope.’”
Other than his odd tangent about dating women on planes, Kanye actually makes a pretty good point!
Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a hugely popular show. Surely Kim & Kanye and Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom are inspirations to many!
Way to go, love! Way to go!

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