Friday, November 29, 2013

UAE band that rocked itself into a pool of sewage

It was a beautiful November evening in Sharjah.
The house was filled with family and guests in a celebratory mood. The weather was perfect, the time was after nightfall and the occasion was a pre-wedding event.
Everybody was in a party mood. And, to get things rocking, an Arabic band was at hand to belt out hits.

And that is what happened at a pre-wedding party in one of the houses in Sharjah.
The dance floor got heated as the music got louder, and the people were stomping all over, when suddenly the floor collapsed and the band with the dancers all slid into a pool of sewage below.
The place below where the band was rocking the party was a sewage containment area of the house.
The roof collapsed and the band and the dancers fell in the mush. Those yet not in the pool were scared and surprised at what happened. They then rushed to help the ones who fell into the sewage.
No one was hurt in this accident, but the band and the dancers had a bath that they will never forget.

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