Saturday, November 30, 2013

Respect! Wiz Khalifa Meets The Kardashians Backstage With Drake (PHOTOS)

Drake did the damn thing in Los Angeles last night during his Would You Like A Tour stop, and he brought out a group of A-List talent that made for some really unlikely meetings.
Wiz Khalifa posted the picture above posing with the Kardashians, which is rather interesting since Wiz’s wife – Amber Rose – is the ex-girlfriend of their sister Kim’s fiance, Kanye West. (Phew). Just goes to show that Wiz might really be the only rapper Kanye has respect for, as he rapped on “Theraflu.”

Also in attendance at the concert was Rihanna, who’s rumored to be back hanging with Drake. But the Nothing Was The Same rapper is also allegedly dating Zoe Kravitz, who we didn’t see in the building.
Drake and Nicki Minaj also posed together; the “Roman’s Revenge” rapper came out during Drake’s set and took some time out to kick it with the Kardashians as well, uploading numerous pictures of her and Khloe, Kris, Kendall and Kylie. These might be the only pics of the night that didn’t elicit some dating rumors.
Kylie and Kendall Jenner posed for their sister Khloe.
The new party of five.
Wiz met Jaden Smith, but he promised he didn’t smoke any weed.
Rihanna on the other hand, she got lifted! There was no passing in that room. Snoop, Wiz and RiRi all appear to have their own blunt.
We’d expect nothing less.

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