Monday, December 16, 2013

Amber Rose's Post Baby Body Totally Just Blew off Kim K's Post BabyBody Away [PHOTO]

There's Amber Rose's before and after baby shot, and didn't we just get done saying a few days ago how unnecessary it is for women to feel obligated to post pictures of themselves all over the internet showcasing their usually-dramatic weight loss post gestation? Because guess what -- even though it's not Kim Kardashian doing it this time, that unnecessary thing still stands. 

Whether it's Kim, essentially begging for validation through folks who don't even know her personally, or people like Amber Rose who likely have far more savory reasons (if, you know, that's a real thing), it's all just becoming a moot point. We're different people -- we have different bodies, different babies, different metabolisms, and different priorities. Let's get on with it already.

Amber, you look amazingly great, but you probably looked amazingly great 2 seconds after delivering your little boy, Sebastian, too. You've got nothing to prove, girl!

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  1. Waoooo she is so cute are these guys doing it ,I realy want to trim down too


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