Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miley Cyrus Is Challenging Britney Spears' Vegas Opening..

miley cyrus sin city show britney spears weekendIs this going to be a battle of the blondes?!
If Las Vegas has their way then this might just be what fans are in store for because we hear Miley Cyrus is scheduled to perform a very special show in Sin City the SAME nightBritney Spears opens her new show!
But don't worry - or get your hopes up - because Mileybird isn't going to rival Brit-Brit with a Vegas residency of her own.
She's apparently just coming to town for a one-night only, ridic party!
It's rumored she'll be hosting the December 27th opening of Beacher’s Madhouse at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas! We know our girl loves the craziness of Beacher's so we wouldn't be surprised if this was true!
And from what we hear, she'd be insane to miss out as an insider revealed deets about the event:

"It’s going to be an epic night and a show to remember with showman Jeff Beacher. There will be other acts such as monkeys, goats, flying mini bartenders and more."
And with Mileybird adding her own special, twerking touch, this party is bound to be out of this world!!
We just hope Brit-Brit is ready for the competition because it might be grinding on her very soon!

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