Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rihanna 'slammed by door' video goes viral [WATCH]: not everyone catersto RiRi's every move

Really hate to laugh, because it happens to everyone, but this video of Rihanna getting pummeled by a swinging door is hilarious.
RiRi was leaving a building near NYC's High Line with her loyal bodyguard on Thursday night, but the "Diamonds" songstress was not paying very good attention to her surroundings.
Somehow, another woman cut between Rihanna and her security guy while exiting the building. This lady didn't make any attempt to hold the door open for the person behind her, so Chris Brown's ex got smacked right in the face (hard). Watch the Splash News footage here.
Of course, RiRi had the decency to yell back, "Thank you, b*tch!"
Sort of reminds us of this Kim Kardashian "butt fall."
It would've been nice for the woman to hold the door open for RiRi, but welcome to the real world, sister!

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