Sunday, December 15, 2013

'Encounter With A Ghost' ...True Story

 Haunted Room by spn-arts 

I am not so sure how to put this, but I have been very terrified since waking up at 4:21am. I feel I was haunted, I feel my room is haunted.
I feel there's been a paranormal activity in my room.. I am 18yrs old, and here's my little story to share.. I knw well abt sleep paralysis, but this is something really strange, as I have never seen a thing like this..

So I was asleep, during my rapid eye motion, I was just dreaming.
I dunno if something was trying to give me a sign - in my dream, it was me and a girl, we were walking down the street, then we passed a place were idols are kept, then all of a sudden I woke up from my dream.
I couldn't see a thing in my room, becos my light was off, and it was pitch black in my room, then all of a sudden, I heard something drop on the floor.

So I thought it was just some pest running in my room, but no, the sound increased, and things were dropping in ryhthm, then it felt like someone was vomiting in my room, I couldn't see a thing.

I thought it was my brother, becos he was playing game in my room before I slept.. I called at my brother's name "Eseosa", I called again, there was no answer, and the sound kept on..

It scared the hell out of me, then I heard footsteps in my room. I am not making this up. I swear I heard it in my room.
There's a carpet in my room, so I can hear the lightest footsteps, then the footsteps were going to the direction of my shelf, I adjusted my position in my bed, trying to see through this, but everywhere was so dark, then suddenly, I heard someone pick up something from my shelf, I started calling my brother again, but no answer..

Then I heard something drop again, and I felt the footstep moving towards my bed, I swear I could feel the presence..
I was so terrified, I lay down still, trying to stop my breath, then the footstep approached me closer but stopped..

Then a little white light began to appear, I have never been this scared, I heard my door open, I became so afraid, I closed my eyes and said "pls GOD forgive me my sins" I said the prayer like it was my last..

Then I suddenly sprang to my feet and ran away frm my room, with heavy breathing.. I went to my brother's room to find him sleeping.. I went to get a light from his room, then I remained calm, then I decided to go back to my room, but I was really hesistant, hmm then I managed to go back with enough light, but I saw nothing hmmm, pls is my room haunted??

Today I will ask my grandmum if anyone has lived in my room before or if anyone that lived in my room has died.. I feel this room is haunted.. Please if u have had any experience, Please share.. Cos I cant continue to sleep with these things in my head.. Please.

  • UPDATE: Hmmm, I asked my grandmum today..
And she said my uncle who died early this year was the first person to live in that room.. I'll just bless the room in Jesus name.. And I don't believe the dead has got anything to do with the living.. Btw, I still suspect sleep paralysis.. GOD help me.

Written by Pilot Oz

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