Sunday, January 05, 2014

Clay Aiken Reportedly Considering Running For Congress in North Carolina

Democrat Clay Aiken may be considering running for Congress. (Fame Flynet)
Clay Aiken is preparing to add “politician” to his already impressive resume, according to The Washington Blade. The singer, who in 2003 narrowly lost to Ruben Studdard during the second season of American Idol, is reportedly considering running for Congress in the 2nd district of his home state of North Carolina.
Clay, who since his American Idol days has released seven studio albums, performed on Broadway and authored a best-selling book, has already consulted with Washington D.C. political operatives and has begun to take the necessary steps required for a congressional run, the newspaper reports.

According to the newspaper's sources, Clay is “actively considering” a run and “sounding and acting like a candidate.” He was also spotted in Washington D.C. last month meeting with pollsters.
The openly gay singer has been an activist for LBGT rights in the past, appearing on Capitol Hill in 2010 to lobby for the passage of anti-bullying legislation.
While Clay hasn’t confirmed or denied the report, he did recently tweet a hint that he had political aspirations.
“A big thanks for all of the fond wishes AND for the incredible donations to @IncludingKids for my birthday! #oldenoughtorunforpresidentnow” the singer tweeted on November 30, the day of his 35th birthday

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