Sunday, January 05, 2014

Nick Cannon Opens Up About His Gangster Past: 'I'm Forever In Debt ToThose I Harmed'

Nick Cannon talked about his life before fame. (Fame Flynet)
Nick Cannon took to his Twitter to discuss his pre-fame life as a kid growing up in a tough neighborhood of San Diego, California. After news broke that actress Rose McGowan had witnessed a man being punched by a kid who was playing the “Knockout Game”, The America’s Got Talent host shared his thoughts on the incident.
“We need to give our young people something to "fight" for!” he tweeted on Friday. “I was a kid when not given direction I ran astray, but guidance gave me something to ‘fight’ for. Guidance has to come from someone we respect and admire. Idle hands are the devil's tools.”
Nick then opened up about his own shady past.

“I thought being a gang member was the coolest s**t ever until I got shot at! I been okay with being corny ever since #RealTalk,” he tweeted. “Those kids aren't lost causes. I used to be a knucklehead who did dumb s**t because I was ‘bored.’ I'm forever in debt to those I harmed.”
In August, Nick revealed why he decided to pursue comedy instead of a life of street crime.
"A couple of confrontations with rival gang members, our parties getting shot up, and getting into several fights - this is not what I signed up for," he told "I got hospitalized a couple of times. I still have scar tissues on my nose from it getting broken. You know what? I will pass."
Now married to Mariah Carey and the father of two-year-old twins Morocan and Monroe, Nick runs the Nicholas Scott Cannon Foundation, and volunteers with many youth-orientated organizations, including Do Something and the Boys and Girls Club.
“People ask me why I care so much about young people, because I was on my way down a dark path until someone steered me toward success,” he tweeted.

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