Thursday, November 28, 2013

Are We Seriously Doing This Again, Nicki Minaj?

Hey, do you guys remember about Nicki Minaj? It's been a while since we've had a reason to talk about her, so girl had to get us talking again some way. So what did she do? Did she release some new music? Did she make an announcement about new music? Did she do anything at all pertaining to music, which is supposed to be her actual career?

Nah, she just Instagrammed a bunch of photos of her cleavage. You know, because it's Nicki Minaj.

That particular one up there though, it's the most ridiculous thing she's done in a while. Because she posted it with the caption "Hello kitty slippers." Because if you get past her "sexy" face and boom, her boobs, then you can see a tiny little bit of her slippers. It's just ... why? Why does it have to be this way? Is this her new career? Are we all going crazy? What is happening?! 

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