Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dencia Launches “Whitenicious” Her Own Line Of Skin Lightening Creams?



Dencia is said to be expanding her brand with the launch of a skincare line called Whitenicous. The Whitenicious cream is said to be targeted at people suffering from dark spots anywhere on the body.

Whoa Dencia selling bleaching cream now! Or perhaps it’s “toning cream”. With a name like Whitenicous I’m assuming this is some kind of skin lightening product. 
Aribaba of Jaguda pretty much said it all when he wrote,
No one in the camp thought of a better name? Or is she intending on selfishly preying on the minds of many Africans who would be looking to lighten their skin? What exactly is the kind of message Dencia is trying to put out? I don’t doubt that the cream might be innocently trying to get rid of dark spots (a big might) but throwing a name like that out there sends a serious self-loathing message to the dark skinned African population

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