Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Drunk man calls police to report that his one night stand is ‘snoringlike a train’

Police! The woman I've just slept with snores too loud

(METRO) A drunk man called 911 complaining his one-night stand was ‘snoring like a train’ and keeping him awake.
Benjamin Todd Duddles, 41, of Waukesha, Wisconsin, rang the police saying he wanted a ‘female removed from his bed’. The ‘extremely intoxicated’ reveller at first claimed he did not know how the woman got in to his apartment, but later admitted to officers he just wanted to get some sleep.

‘Caller stated he let her in and then [she] just went into his bed and fell asleep and is now snoring like a train and wants her out,’ explains a report from the Waukesha Police Department.
A police team were dispatched to the property, with Duddles admitting the pair ‘drank together, had relations and she fell asleep’.
The report added: ‘He was advised this was not a police matter as he allowed her in. He was provided the comfort of his couch and [advised] to work the issue out in the morning.’

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