Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Modern Day Woman..

Woman on phone in bed

It looks like when it is time for me to marry; I need to time travel to the 70s to find myself a woman, as the modern day woman is pretty corrupt…
A new research has highlighted how things have changed over the years—-when it comes to women and relationships.
According to the research, the women’s sex lives have become more adventurous and they have relationships with twice as many men as they did 20 years ago, a major study has revealed.
The average female now has eight partners during her lifetime, up  from four in the 1990s – and catching up with men, whose average is 12.

They are also four times more likely to experiment with other women than they were two decades ago, and those who are better educated and better off tend to be the most adventurous.
This was found by researchers from University College London who surveyed 15,000 adults. And they say recent ‘radical changes’ to women’s status have had a profound effect on their sex lives.
But overall, they found that adults are now having sex less frequently than they were ten years ago, possibly due to busy working lives.
Do you agree?

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