Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Katy Perry Suffers Major On-Stage Embarrassment.. Watch!

Katy Perry is a darling, talented angel, but this video of her right here? This is a disgrace.

What happened was Katy was performing "Roar" and this French awards show, and yes, she was lip-syncing. She was very obviously, very terribly lip-syncing. It seems like she was hearing different music than everyone else, and that's why her words were so off, but you know what? It happens. Sometimes people who sing pretty much every single day of their lives run into a predicament where they have to sing, but their voice just isn't capable. And when that happens, you lip-sync, you get 

some heat for it, but you move on. Just ask Ashlee Simpson.

But what happened here was that the host of the show stepped in, stopped the whole entire performance, and made Katy start over from the beginning, using her real voice. and guys, it is mortifying. Just look at her face, she looks so incredibly embarrassed. And yeah, she didn't sing that great, but how well would you sing after being humiliated in front of thousands and thousands of people? Not to mention that she's been sick -- she's been tweeting about it for the past week or so.

Would it honestly have been so hard to just let her do her bad lip-syncing in peace? Sure, it would be disappointing for the people in the audience, but is a little disappointment really more important than basic human decency? Apparently so, friends. And that is tragic.

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