Monday, December 16, 2013

Watch! Bill Gates World Depopulation Plans.. Shocking!

The issue of polio vaccines in Nigeria (specifically northern Nigeria) and people’s divided opinion about it was headline news both in local and international media for a long time. There were claims by those opposed to their children taking the vaccines that it causes infertility and a means of depopulating some parts of the world. These people were often time regarded as ignoramuses and that their conclusion not to allow their children to be immunized of poliomyelitis was as a result of their “backwardness” and “illiteracy”.

In this video, Reuters report that the claims of these people is not far from the truth. In the video, you will see pictures of some of the traditional rulers of the north of Nigeria together with Bill Gates. The video shows and explains how the Bill Gates’ sponsored immunization worldwide is been used to cause infertility and also do more harm than good. Many children who take the vaccines become paralysed instead of the claim that such vaccines keep them immune from poliomyelitis.
The vaccines are claimed to contain “most potent spermicides” that sterilize people and “blast men’s scrotum through ultrasound” in a way to damage the sperm.
*Bill Gates claims he is doing Gods work and his polio vaccine is now the main cause for polio...OMG!
I dont understand..Killing people to depopulate the world?you have got to be kidding me!

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