Saturday, January 25, 2014

Company Invents Headband That Allows You To Control Your Dreams

A company have created an electronic headband that they say can let you control dreams - giving you the power of inception.
Developers at California-firm iWinks believe their Aurora headband can help sleepers make "anything become possible".
The device will let you direct your unconscious thoughts and form dreams to your desires.
Like 2010 film Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, dreamers will be able to create new realms and scenarios to live through.
Danny Schoonover, hardware engineer at iWinks, said: "When you become aware of the safety the world you are in, you can really take control of the events of the dream or just sit back and enjoy it.
The company from San Diego, which is due to release its first prototypes in June, asked for a pledge of around £50,000 ($83 000) to get the project started.

But the popularity of the idea has spawned donations of as much as £145,000 ($241 000)on their funding page.
Lights and sounds will play during REM (rapid eye movement) - one of our deepest phases of sleep- to help control brainwave activity.
The new inventions are set to be sold at £100 ($166) a piece and will make dreamers "active participants" in their own heads.
Spokesman Jack Payne said: "The idea of lucid dreaming has been around for centuries.
In this state, anything is possible: zoom through space, fight fire-breathing dragons or become president, all from the comfort and safety of your own bed.
We spend one third of our lives asleep. Why not make the most of that time?"

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